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An Album Cover

Back in 2011 my band Mighty Unlisted decided to record & produce our own album. We had the songs, the equipment, and nothing better to do. Travis Wachendorf, the band’s singer & guitarist, had recently produced a three song EP to test out the process, hone our recording chops, and learn some valuable tricks of …

Random Sketch #12

Roughing out some ideas for the Christmas card! I referenced both The Empire Strikes Back and The Family Guy epsiode, “Something, Something, Something, Dark Side”, for the Rebel Alliance uniforms.

Random Sketch #11

I’m pretty sure I intended this guy to be a vampire… maybe not, maybe he’s a Greaser, or worse yet, a Shark.

Random Sketch #8

I am a huge Batman fan. The New 52 Batman with Capullo & Snyder is excellent!


A shot I took for an ad.

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