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SALUS – Second place in app challenge

Qualcomm 2net App Challenge Second Place winner I’m proud to announce that the Salus concept app has won second place in Qualcomm’s app challenge today. Press Release (Wall Street Journal) Press Release (PDF) I’ll post an update soon with more details.

CORE Construction brochure

Recently I’ve been working on a new brochure for CORE Construction. It’s really coming along nicely. Here’s a sneak peek:

SALUS – How discussing the future changed today

I’m blown away by the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the Salus app. People are really excited by the idea of how a Salus-type app could effect their lives in a positive manner. Not just in regards to the obvious health-tracking benefits, from biometric tracking to appointment reminders & prescription conflicts, but also how the insurance …

SALUS – Keep and eye on your health

The initial design stage for Salus has been completed! Here’s a quick preview. The easiest way to keep track of your prescriptions & vital medical information. Salus is a prescription, vitals, & doctor management app. The mobile app syncs automatically with your doctor’s information, as well as compatible home devices, helping you to keep an …

SALUS – a placeholder name for the medical app

Originally I wanted the app to be an all inclusive health app. From medical information to diet & exercise tracking. The name selected for the app originally was going to be Inches. The simplicity of the name, a unit of measurement, seemed appropriate for an app that is intended to help measure & track health. …

Outline for a medical app

I’ve pieced together the features I want to include in the health app: Doctor input Prescriptions 1. Stores all prescriptions 2. Checks for possible side effects with multiple prescriptions 3. Shows dosage daily dosage 4. Shows remaining refills 5. Can enable alerts when to take dosage

How getting older gave me an idea

I always looked at getting old as something that would never happen to me… and then it did. I now wear glasses, see an allergist, make sure I get a check-up with both my dentist & primary care physician twice a year, and I also get a biometric screening done yearly to reduce my insurance …

Bitmap Phoenix Project

The Bitmap Phoenix project is an on going reimagining of iconic & unique buildings in the heart of Phoenix as 8-bit renderings. The Westward Ho Hotel The Hotel San Carlos (left) and the Orpheum Theater (right). I’ll be adding at least one new building every month.

Random Sketch #17

Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, has a unique illustration style that matches his uncanny storytelling abilities. His use of shadows reminds me of Frank Miller at times. These are a couple sketches based on his style.

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