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Elevate – Apple’s App of the Year 2014 – An Icon

A few of my icons are available for purchase on The Noun Project. One of the top downloads is a coffee mug icon, which has made it into Apple’s app of the year, Elevate (with some added steam lines). If not for the screenshot included in a Business Insider article, I wouldn’t have known that …

Woodland Creatures Print Set

Working on a woodland creatures print series. Completed animals are a bear, deer, and squirrel. Next up: fox, owl, and… a porcupine!

Digital Painting

Painting has never been my strong suit. Fortunately, digital painting allows you to practice without buying expensive paints and canvases.

Translations identity

I’m wrapping up the framework of a new logo & identity system for a conference that will be taking place in February 2015.

Dalek Emperor – the process

I’ve always wanted to do a video of my process and it’s still a goal of mine. For now, enjoy this collection of screenshots animated into a quick GIF.

Doctor Who – Dalek Emperor

It seems I’ve been on a roll lately. I’ve been illustrating a lot the past couple weeks and working with a new style as well as some new techniques. I decided to take a quick break from the main project I’m working on to recreate a scene from Doctor Who. I’m new to the series …

Amps & Cabs

Finished up the amplifiers & speaker cabinets. Still need to finish the drums and create the band members, then it’s animation time!

DW kick drum

A little bass drum to go with the guitar and bass. Completing the rest of the drum kit will be very time consuming. I might move on to the mic before finishing it up.

PRS SE Custom & Fender Roscoe Beck IV illustrations

Gert Dedeyne’s is a very talented illustrator and he did a stellar job reproducing Angus Young’s SG guitar for his Skillshare animation. I mimicked his stripped-down, cartoonish style to illustrate a PRS SE Custom guitar & a Fender Roscoe Beck IV.

Simple Character Animation

Looking to get into a little animation, I took a course on Skillshare. The first course covered how to create a simple walking effect in After Effects.

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