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Woodland Creatures Print Set

Working on a woodland creatures print series. Completed animals are a bear, deer, and squirrel. Next up: fox, owl, and… a porcupine!


Digital Painting

Painting has never been my strong suit. Fortunately, digital painting allows you to practice without buying expensive paints and canvases.


Translations identity

I’m wrapping up the framework of a new logo & identity system for a conference that will be taking place in February 2015.

Dalek Emperor – the process

I’ve always wanted to do a video of my process and it’s still a goal of mine. For now, enjoy this collection of screenshots animated into a quick GIF.

Doctor Who – Dalek Emperor

It seems I’ve been on a roll lately. I’ve been illustrating a lot the past couple weeks and working with a new style as well as some new techniques. I decided to take a quick break from the main project I’m working on to recreate a scene from Doctor Who.

I’m new to the series and, to be honest, the special effects have not been the strong point of the show. That is, until the appearance of the Dalek Emperor. Wow. Color me impressed. So impressed I had to stop what I was working on and illustrate the scene.


Amps & Cabs

Finished up the amplifiers & speaker cabinets. Still need to finish the drums and create the band members, then it’s animation time!


DW kick drum

A little bass drum to go with the guitar and bass. Completing the rest of the drum kit will be very time consuming. I might move on to the mic before finishing it up.


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