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The Q – Q3 – Magazine cover

One of the toughest parts of working on a magazine is coming up with a solid cover. The cover needs to sell the brand as well as appeal to the target audience while standing out from other covers. With articles & photography coming in as the magazine is being laid out, the cover is usually …

SALUS – Keep and eye on your health

The initial design stage for Salus has been completed! Here’s a quick preview. The easiest way to keep track of your prescriptions & vital medical information. Salus is a prescription, vitals, & doctor management app. The mobile app syncs automatically with your doctor’s information, as well as compatible home devices, helping you to keep an …

SALUS – a placeholder name for the medical app

Originally I wanted the app to be an all inclusive health app. From medical information to diet & exercise tracking. The name selected for the app originally was going to be Inches. The simplicity of the name, a unit of measurement, seemed appropriate for an app that is intended to help measure & track health. …

Outline for a medical app

I’ve pieced together the features I want to include in the health app: Doctor input Prescriptions 1. Stores all prescriptions 2. Checks for possible side effects with multiple prescriptions 3. Shows dosage daily dosage 4. Shows remaining refills 5. Can enable alerts when to take dosage

Space Bunny

Space Bunny was accidentally created while working on a client project.

An Album Cover

Back in 2011 my band Mighty Unlisted decided to record & produce our own album. We had the songs, the equipment, and nothing better to do. Travis Wachendorf, the band’s singer & guitarist, had recently produced a three song EP to test out the process, hone our recording chops, and learn some valuable tricks of …

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