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Random Sketch #17

Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, has a unique illustration style that matches his uncanny storytelling abilities. His use of shadows reminds me of Frank Miller at times. These are a couple sketches based on his style.

Space Bunny

Space Bunny was accidentally created while working on a client project.

Random Sketch #16

Watched a rerun of 30 Rock last night in which Kenneth Parcell mails sugar cubes in an attempt to save the show from cancellation. The police suspect he’s actually mailing anthrax, raid the studio and tackle him. Riot gear is intense!

Random Sketch #14

Lately I’ve been watching the Penny Arcade reality series, Strip Search, and on occasion I’ll follow along with their challenge.

Random Sketch #13

Instead of writing reminders, I prefer to draw them. I need to remember to give my puppy her heartworm pill.

An Album Cover

Back in 2011 my band Mighty Unlisted decided to record & produce our own album. We had the songs, the equipment, and nothing better to do. Travis Wachendorf, the band’s singer & guitarist, had recently produced a three song EP to test out the process, hone our recording chops, and learn some valuable tricks of …

Random Sketch #12

Roughing out some ideas for the Christmas card! I referenced both The Empire Strikes Back and The Family Guy epsiode, “Something, Something, Something, Dark Side”, for the Rebel Alliance uniforms.

Random Sketch #11

I’m pretty sure I intended this guy to be a vampire… maybe not, maybe he’s a Greaser, or worse yet, a Shark.

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